Polyjet Printing

enter image description here Creating projects, testing and producing injected industrial molds is now easier with Strarasys 3D printing. Industrial molds printed in 3D lower the costs and make the performance of mold projects. The new technologies for 3D printing industrial molds, allow molders to inject small series of prototype parts in the most efficient way.

Speak with us to start producing small or pre-series parts, industrial mold prototypes and other important and critical elements to the success of your project. We print in material with dimension tolerance and mechanical ready properties.

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Industrial Molds

enter image description here The Portuguese industrial mold industry is an innovative business success.

Industrial molds require years of experience and a profound knowledge of the molding process. The importance of strategic technological initiative needed to be the best in field, is crucial to have top quality products and services.

Eighteen years of projects, fabrication, testing, development and implementation experience serve as a basis to overcome the challenges given by our clients.

From the concept to production, we accompany the whole process, with the following activities:

  • 3D projects and respective fabrication designs
  • Mechanical programming
  • Assistance in the control of the dimensions and components of the molds
  • Prototyping through 3D Polyjet Printing
  • Trials and consequent approval

If you only need technical assistance, we also provide a consulting, technical and planning service to work with our customers’ team to get the best business solutions.

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11 out 2019 - OPEN DAY Raitec 3D e Raise 3D em parceria numa demonstração do potencial da fabricação Aditiva... Visite-nos no dia 11 de Outubro nas nossas instalaçoes!

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